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October 14, 2014: 

Dr. Borelli appeared on WBMQ 630 AM radio “Ask the Expert” with Chris Miller.  Learn how to protect yourself from Ebola, how to spot early symptoms of sleep apnea and why we’re TWICE as nice at one-FIFTH the price.  Click here to listen to the show:

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3T MRI at Belfair has re-opened on February 26, 2014 utilizing the newest, most powerful and advanced MRI scanner available – the 3.0 Tesla GE Discovery MR750w.  3T MRI at Belfair has been the leading provider of advanced MRI services in Beaufort County.  Here are just a few of the life-saving technologies we were first to introduce to the Lowcountry:

  1. -  Breast MRI with CAD for early detection of breast cancer

  2. -  Prostate MRI with CAD for early detection of prostate cancer

  3. -  NeuroQuant hippocampal volumetry to screen for early Alzheimer’s disease

  4. -  MARS (metal artifact reduction sequences) to evaluate metallic joint replacements

Our installation of the first and only 3.0 tesla MRI scanner in Beaufort County is evidence of our continued leadership and commitment to the community.  Here are some of the benefits of this brand-new technology from GE:

  1. -  A much wider and shorter bore for greater patient comfort and elimination of claustrophobia

  2. -  No practical patient size or weight limits

  3. -  Images contain 2-10 times as much detail and diagnostic information in shorter scan times

  4. -  Functional imaging of the brain, demonstrating the activity of all brain regions in real-time

  5. -  New techniques to eliminate blurring from patient motion

  6. -  Scans silently (You heard that right!)

  7. -  Imaging of all blood vessels in the body without an injection of contrast


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Now 3.0 Tesla!